Friday, July 31, 2009

The day that ONE day can change everything .

I wake up this morning with grateful feeling, i'm still standing in the real world. I am not dreaming nor try to change an illusion to reality. I feel fresh surprisingly, like i slept for 10 hours. Like i had beautiful dream last night. I believe in fairy tales story u know?

Dear Diary,

I was sitting on a bench at the playground last night. I thought i was strong enough to tell the truth. Yes, you must be thinking i'd be strong enough to make it through. Time takes time, i can't hold on. I've draw the lines, but i crossed them too. It's too late to turn back, i know i just need to let it out.

Like i'm having strong guts inside, i started everything. I've mixed it up. i spoiled. I spilled the secret. I let myself looks like a fool. I let myself lose my control. For just one second, i lose it all.

Tuhan, aku keliru.
Apa ini dugaan Mu? Apa ini hanya ujian untuk ku?
Jika benar, berikan aku kekuatan.
Beri aku kekuatan untuk aku tempuh segala ujian ini, kesabaran untuk aku terus tenang dlm membuat keputusan. Tuhan, aku ini terlalu lemah bagai boleh disepak dek angin, bagai boleh ditampar hanya dgn satu tentangan mata.
Buta. Hati ini terlalu inginkan kebahagiaan. Mungkin kekosongan?
Ampunkan hambaMu yang daif ini.

I know things happen. I didn't plan for falling. You knew about it. I'm not that strong to keep it long enough. I'm just scared if i don't show it out. One thing you should know, you gv me something.

It's a little heart.
Maybe i'm just amazed by you.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anda Pilih Bahagia atau Sengsara?

Anda pilih. cecece. :P That's the slogan for the camp that i attended last weekend. Me, Azfar and 5 other OARs member were there as fesi for Kem Belia Benci Dadah by Rakan Muda which held for 4 days at Impian Country Resort, Hulu Langat. There were about 36 participants from age 16-24, from all Selangor districts.

Kem Belia Benci Dadah is mainly to aware the young generations about the danger of misuse of drugs. I personally learn alot from the kem about the type of drugs, the effects, and the best was i get to know alot type of ppl there. The best moment was when i had a chance to share with my group member about their life experience, and about what they want in future. Some of them dtg dpd keluarga yg bermasalah, bekas penagih dadah, and mcm-mcm. I thank god for giving this chance, sbb i think sikit sebanyak i've inspire some of them about how precious life is, and how strong we need to be when we're at the verge of breaking down. Dan yang paling penting, utk mengelakkan diri dpd social problem even we're at the state of high stress level. :)

On the last day, after closing, we were served with variety of local fruits by orang kampung Semungkis. Whoaa sgt heaven wa cakap sama lu. ehehe. Sgt best ! Punyela lama mengidamkan durian and manggis, akhirnya dpt jgk merasa. hee. Yang paling obviously enjoy the durian was me, Asrul and Aizal. haha. Makan smpai nk muntah. LOL. I had a good time during the whole camp. :D

Here's some of the pictures during the camp !

Live life to the fullest, jauhi dadah berbahaya ! ;P


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Human & Nature .

They just can't be separated.
Save the earth, save the people.

Let LOVE fill the world.

"Make a better place, For you and for me"

Click here for color version.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bon Odori 2009 .

Ah akhirnya jadi jgk plan nk pegi Bon Odori. The Bon Odori was held last Saturday with full of joy. Me, Shikin and Idy arrived at the stadium around 7pm. And the first thing we did? Of cos lah merayau-rayau di food stalls. hehe. Each of us bought 1 pack of yakult with very cheap price, rm3.00 per pack. Murah kn? *we finished the whole pack within 3 hours, minum yakult mcm minum mineral water. haha* :D

After that we continue wandered around the food stalls and i bought unagi and some sushi. While waiting for Azfar, Tumi, Kerry and the rest of friends, me, Shikin and Idy decided to eat first. We finally met Tumi, Kerry and the rest at 8.30pm. The Bon Odori finished at 9.45pm.

After the Bon Odori, we headed to OU to watch Public Enemies. And all i can say is that, Public Enemies agak membosankn. Some of us siap tertido. haha. Arrived at Shikin's hse at 3.30am, and i had to woke up at 6.15am the next morning as i got seminar at 9.30am in Subang. Yeah i only had my sleep for 2 hrs. The next monday, i had bad fever. Great wasn't it? LOL.

These are some of the pictures during Bon Odori. ;)

Group photo ! (Tumi, i took this frm ur facebook. hee)

Huaaa, gotta hv my sleep now. Esk bnyk btl keje nk kene siapkn. Yeah padan muka sendiri, sape suruh melengahkan masa. Ok, chow !


Friday, July 17, 2009

12 AM .

Dear diary,

Why there are times i can't long enough to keep my patient?
Are you really here, or am i just dreaming?
I am falling slowly,
Can't you see?
Can you feel the pieces of my melody?
I can hardly say the right words anymore,
And it always fool me.
I wonder if i could replace that tiny heart you've been missing,
I wonder if i could be the future you always wanted,
For you're everything to me.

Maybe, i am just dreaming.

Zawani Zakaria

You truely exist, the. green. stripes. book.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When a Girl Loves a Guy .

I am so proud of myself when i finally had a great deal in selling the camera today. Dpt la untung sket. hee. And to celebrate it *ceh celebrate la sgt*, i went for a movie with Azfar and we watched Ice Age 3. Man, Ice Age 3 was awesome. Funny, comel gle ! In the middle of the movie, i realize i laughed too loud mengalahkan kanak2 yg ada kt dlm cinema. lol. Over-excited eh? :P But seriously, Ice Age is a hilarious fun movie u shouldn't miss. :D

Err apa kena mengena ngan title entry? :P It's just a brief what i love most about today. hee. :)

Well, i was 'cooking' maggie when i heard one of my housemate cried in the other room tonite. I thought she was talking to somebody and crying or sthng. But it's getting worse and i sneak out her room to see if she's ok. Obviously she didn't. She didn't get over her past relationship totally. I talked to her for a minutes, tried to make her feel good again, but i know it's all depends on her to make thngs better.

Yes, it's about when a girl love a guy. It's about healing the break-up. It's about when we couldn't make up, and moving on when the good thngs in the past shadowed everything. Sucks rite? Trust me, i know how it feels.

When i'm done talking to her, i sat outside and reminiscing. Somehow her story reminds me of my past. I've been through that situation. I've been burned a lot, hurt a lot. I've been through the state i nearly killed myself when i love a guy too much. The day when i couldn't stand on my own feet, when i couldn't moving on with my life.

I let myself living in despair, in guilty and blamed myself for everything had done between the relationship. Love is blind. No? My heart was blinded by the love. You'll keep all the good memories, and you left all the fights and arguments behind when you're in healing process. You'll try to fix thngs which already broken. It makes you weak, it makes you feel like there's no one can replaced him anymore.

But trust me, it's all worth the pain. Sun will shine after the rain. :)

Alhamdulillah.. Today, i am glad to be who i am.
Every single thngs happen in my life build me to be a tougher person. Time by time i learn to face the real world. It taught me to see life in many side, in different colors. It's not easy, but it's worth 1000 times.

Well girl, all you need to do is to learn to love yourself more. To appreciate yourself, and believe that you could stand by your own feet no matter what happen. If it's not you, then who? Your life, your future, your everythng is all depends on you. Not him, no one. It's just YOU. Take a very good care of your own heart. Build strong faith in you. You're sure you can survive it. :)

Tiba-tiba rasa lega. Ntah? *senyum*


Monday, July 13, 2009

A day with Crazy-Fun Couple .

Last Thursday, i spent almost the whole day with K.ina and Samier to take their wedding preparation pictures. It was pleasure to spent time with them. :)

This is at Rias Indah Pengantin in Ampang to see their wedding clothes and pelamin. Rias Indah Pengantin really hv a great choice of baju pengantin, with variety of fashions. I loike ! hehe.

K.ina showing Samier's picture masa zaman muda-muda, a rockstar ! haha.

I love this one, happy couple !

Finally, at Wafito ! Chocolate-peanut waffle yummy !

Visit their wedding webpage : Samier & Ina

Cheers !


Saturday, July 4, 2009

used DSLR for sale ! *sold*

used Sony DSLR-A100 for SALE ! *SOLD*

I am actually selling it for my father. :) My father bought the camera last 2 yrs and he only use it rarely since he always have me to take the family pictures (i use mid-range camera je, a very classic EOS 300D 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3. My father's camera too. hehe). He decided to let it go with a cheap price. Yes, CHEAP price. Starting price, at RM1700 *nego. Reason to let go, he wanna upgrade himself to semi-pro camera. Woot ! *tercabar saya* haha. Tkpe tkpe, soon aniz ! :D Okay, this is the description :

  • The product, as you can see at the pictures above. (Sorry for the bad quality pictures as it was taken using my sister handphone.)
  • Rarely used. The condition 9/10.
  • Tak pernah jatuh as my father keep all his cameras really well smpai kadang-kadang tak kasi anak-anak die pn pegang. haha.
  • Comes with tele Zoom lens 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 (perfect zoom lens i can say !)
  • Comes with rechargeable battery,charger, manuals, USB cable, and software CD-ROM.
  • FREE 1GB CompactFlash Card.
  • FREE tripod.
Camera Specifications (Quick Overview) :

* 10.2 megapixels
* Compatible with all Sony and Konica Minolta A-mount lenses
Built in Anti-Shake system (YES ! The key features : Super SteadyShot in-camera Image Stabilization. Allow you to shoot effectively at higher shutter speeds even in very low light with minimum blur from shaky hands or fast-moving subjects. Camera lain selalu nye in lens, bkn in camera.
* 3 photos per second
* ISO settings from 100 to 1600
* Maximum shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second
* 1.5 times crop factor
* 2.5 inch LCD with anti-reflective coating
* Stores photos on CompactFlash
* 9-point autofocus

It's all yours at RM1700 *nego
(Note: For serious buyers only. Strictly no return/refund. As you got a chance to hv a look first before you buy it.)

So, what are you waiting for? All i cay say that this is a perfect DSLR for the beginner and spontaneous photographer ! All-in dude ! Don't miss this chance.

If you're interested or have any enquiries, you can call me at 017-2552767 or just e-mail me at Okeh? Oh if you wanna see the camera before you buy it (yela takut org ckp sy tipu kan?) you can contact me too. Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words ~ hee. :D

Cheers ! Have a nice weekend ~


Friday, July 3, 2009

Letter of a Heart .

Walking down the street alone,
So cold, i didn't know if i can go through on my own.
The skies seems so clear,
But how come my heart full of tears.

Did i let the love slip away?
Tell me if telling goodbye is such an easy way.
At times it heals,
But how come i feel like i lost everything.

I smile, i laugh.
I can't speak out like i did.
I fake, i lied,
Can you hear me crying?

Who doesn't look for someone to hold,
Who can love you without being told?
They keep going, and coming,
But i know something is missing.

Zawani Zakaria

I may looks so strong to hold, but deep down inside, i'm only human.
A feeling you just can't resist sometimes.
Sepahit apa pun ini, kehidupan pasti harus diteruskan.
Semoga diberi kekuatan.
Semoga mampu kulawan kesepian.
Semoga suatu hati nanti, akan datang ketenangan.
Yang abadi.