Thursday, November 29, 2007

International Fashion Show .

ngantuk ngantuk ! and sgt letihh ! been bz with the preparation for the fashion show smlm kt alamanda, the whole day ~ from 10am to 11pm.. preparations was from the beginning show till the mrs worlds late dinner and birthday party.. sgt la bnyk benda nak kene buat.. i was in charge of setting for the dinner.. then, i made choc brownies, sushi and ate lots of sushi last nite also.. hee.. overall, it was fun and so tiring.. then the most interesting part was we had a chance to communicate and see how's the mrs universe act in real.. they was just fun, and exhilarating. and so vain. haha, sah2 la kan..

brownies in making .

sushi .

me & apek yg sengal . :D

me in the changing room .

dan hari ni? ponteng the whole class. bagus btl.. next week i have another hectic week againnn. 2 midterms, 1 lab submission and discussion for the analog assgmnt.. dh laa kene buat FM radio receiver.. blerrgh ! another 2 weeks to go wey ! harap2 smpat siap kan.. and oh, can't wait for dis weekend.. ~ the end year birthday celebration.. hopingg and wonderingg wut am i gonna get for the presents dis year.. ngee..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

your actions speak much louder than words .

oh dumbhead, go get urself a life wouldn't u? talk about me and say that u envy me bla bla? poor little girl. thnx for all the craps btw. u just wasting ur time. i'm doing great here. so don't worry about me, and mind ur own bussiness. blergh !

Friday, November 23, 2007

grrr .

can't sleepp ! and end up eating chachoss. bagos btl ~ isk isk.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

easy baby .

should i say i'm still in love with u? naah, i should be more cruel dis time.. cruel?
ahaks, never be.. but well, can't deny u're still on my mind.. u are.. i still keep our picture on the board.. lame? let it be.. by now, i should know that in time things must change, things must grow.. loving u grew me up.. made me smile, made me laugh a lot and cry little.. i wish i could stay. but, i have to let u go.. u're just too good to be true.. and i'll be missing u definitely..
thanks for everythng baby.

you'll still be my favourite photographer .

ouh i miss my girlfriends alot ! lame nye tk lepak mcm dulu.. quite sad, but thank god i still have them when i need them the most. thanks a lot darls.. this week im totally pack with activities with lots of things to be done. aih ~ listless ! i miss my good old days where i can had my 8 hrs sleep. hehe. while halim and apek make me laugh alot minggu ni, i had an argument with nad last 3 days.. mcm2.. luckily it settled. since i've been bz with keje, dah jarang sgt lepak2 until td krol ajak me, joe, zam and faez mkn skali.. lame btl tk lepak with zam and joe. rasanye since last 2 sems.. huhu.. well, great to meet and lepak with them again.. gosh, i need to wake up as early as 6.15am tmrw. pagi, temankan atie pegi emegresen kajang, amik passport.. then got lab frm 2 till 5 and bdmnton training lps tu for dis weekend tournament.. wohoo.. mlm esk flat ~ am better off to bed now.
harap2 my arm and back strain would be better tmrw.. oh nite all.