Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a Stupid notes .

Personally when a girl said,
"I was waited for your reply" or asked,
"Why didn't you call me last night?" to a guy;

They didn't expect a sorry note from the guy. They just want you to know that they're thinking about you. They just need perhaps 10% of your attention in 24 hrs time if not 100%. A woman didn't ask 100% concentration for them. Enough to show them some care, enough with simple conversation to give them comfort.

A simple, "how's your day today?" or
"how's your meeting just now?" is more than enough.

A little note, may looks stupid for you. But for a woman, is a huge quick relief when they received. It just brighten their days.

They don't ask you to pamper them.
They don't want your money.
They don't need your 24/7 attention.

They just need a little care.
They just want to be loved.
and most importantly,
They love you, and thinking about you all the time.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Running, running .

Be the one I need
Be the one I trust most
Don't stop inspiring me
Sometimes it's hard to keep on running
We work so much to keep it going
Don't make me want to give up

Running, running
As fast as we can(As fast as we can)
Do you think we'll make it? (Do you think we'll make it?)
We're running
Keep holding my hand
So we don't get separated

Running - No Doubt