Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Be Me . Be You .

"You must see yourself happy if happiness is the state you are seeking."

This is what i often do when i *ehem* when i feel unstable, or feeling down. :) hehe. Get a book, write a rhythm or poem, listen to my playlist, or hv a walk alone. But most of the time, i'll spend time with any interesting books and my playlist. It work on me somehow. Ah tp reality is, knowledge can be useless without we apply it in a real world. Like what i read in Yoga Of Wealth which stated,
"You can hv perfect awareness and strong self-belief, but if you still cannot bring yourself to act when your chances comes, you will never move forward in your life. Stagnate in all of your knowledge."

It's true. I am one of it who always miss a chance when the right time comes. Sometimes we tend to think too much, act less. Speak more, progression zero. Typical isn't it? I must improve. Aniz, sila beri konsentrasi. Sila back on tracks. Tolong fokus. *breath in, breath out* Okeh ! Sy mau tido dulu. lol. Tmrw is a new day. I hope everythng's gonna be fine and better.

Oh i shall share with you this. Life is complete when you complete it, when you find that 'thing' to complete it. Mcm comel kan ayat tu? hehe. And what is that 'thing'? You need to find it. :) Ah my pillow is missing me. :P Good Night everyone !


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tribute to Mikaeel (MJ) .

Remembering the King of Pop, Mikaeel (MJ). His song and music will always be remembered.
One of my favourite song,

Will You Be There


Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Melody I Wish .

Nobody knows what you're thinking inside,
Nobody knows what the future will bring to us.

All i know is,
Life is rich,
Love is pure,
Life is complete and beautiful

So even when you feel pretty blue,
Remember there are always another bright colors awaits you.

Zawani Zakaria

Loneliness somehow gv me some space to think, to create, to reminiscing, makes me whole and makes me feel human. :)


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Detik Demi Detik .

Ah aku sebenarnya bagai melindungi perasaan sendiri. It keep screaming inside, bagai menjerit-jerit utk diluahkan .. But i can't. i just can't. Belum ada daya, masih terikat dgn bayang-bayang sendiri. Bodoh. Takut? Memberi motivasi kpd org lain, tapi kau sebenarnya masih lemah. Ya aku masih lemah. Namun mungkin, jauh lebih baik daripada apa yang aku sangka. Terima kasih Tuhan, kau masih memberi peluang padaku.

Jika ditanya, apa yang paling aku impikan dulu. ialah mati. Aku hanya ingin mati daripada terus hidup dgn dosa. Daripada terus membebani ibubapaku dgn karung dosa-dosaku. Aku lemah. Terlalu lemah.

Namun Tuhan Maha Penyayang. Ini adalah hadiah paling besar utk ku. Aku fikir, aku tak akan dpt kesempatan utk merasa dunia ini dgn lebih tenang, dgn lebih merasa seperti manusia. Aku silap. Tuhan itu lebih bijak mengaturkan jalan hidup hamba-hambanya. Lebih mengetahui di sebalik sesuatu kejadian. Mungkin kadang kita memberontak. Why this is all happen to me. Why me. Kenapa bkn mereka? Kenapa jalan hidup mereka seems all perfect. Tipu lah jika aku kata aku tak pernah memberontak. Aku sebenarnya dalam proses utk belajar utk menjadi lebih tenang. Lebih berfikir sblm bercakap. Lebih rasional, dan bkn hanya mengikut perasaan.

Aku perlukan kekuatan skrng. I need to find a way to get myself stable. Kadang aku lemas dgn perasaan sendiri. Again, bodoh. Sudahlah dgn perasaan bodoh tu. You have something more important to settle. Without perasaan bodoh tu, you gonna be fine. Really fine. You do not need it for this time being. *repeat again and again. sigh*

Ahhhh shit. I hate this feeling. Aku perlukan konsentrasi dlm hidup. Priority. Set you priority girl.

Maaf, otakku bagai berselirat. Mcm hape je. I need some air outside. Mungkin dpt membantu.

P/s :
Kpd kau, tentang tadi, jgn terlalu mempersoalkan tentang hidup, kerana makin bnyk persoalan, makin kaku kau disitu. Tak kemana. Seperti aku dahulu. Kau hebat. Kesabaran kau, mungkin membatasi kesabaran aku. Kau lebih tenang. Cuma we need to admit that sometimes, life's selfish. and we need to adapt with that. So just smile, and i know you can get through it. Remember, life's kind when you believe. :)


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh-so-simple .

Wanna get healthy snacks? Get tired of eating fruit at the same way? Try this ! *ceh padahal dh ramai tahu.* hehe. But anyway, this is my favourite!

I love orange. but paling malas nk kupas kulit. tapi takkan nk mkn orange dgn kulit skali kan? so nk tak nk, terpaksalah kupas dulu..

So, all you need ..

2 oranges
1 spoonful of sweetened milk or better known as susu pekat manisss *nk lebih manis, bole tmbh beberapa sudu yg anda nk, tp jgn lebih2, nnti tk jd healthy snack dh*
4 cubes of ice. *nk lebih pn tk pe, sukati anda*

Cara-cara :
1. Peel the orange using knife, cut it into small cubes. Put it in a bowl.
2. Mix the orange with a spoonful of sweetened milk.
3. Add some ice. and Tadaaaa !

Yep ready to serve.

Senang sgt smpai rasa menyampah kn? Yea, it's too easy smpai kadang2 org pandang remeh tentang benda yg mudah tapi tk mengamalkannya, lagi2 in taking 2 serving of fruits everyday. *reminder to myself actually. hehe.*

Okay, sebenarnye ayah sy yg start buat mcm ni dulu. hee. Ayah mmg pakar tentang makanan utk kesihatan.
So, terima kasih ayah. :D


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Still got the Blues .

Location : Pantai Chendering, Terengganu

.. Used to be so easy
To fall in love again
But I found out the hard way
It's a road that leads to pain
I found that love is more than just a game
Playing to win
But to lose just the same

Still Got The Blues - Gary Moore


Post Wedding : Nuar & Fadiah

I was overjoyed when i arrived at Pantai Chendering for the post wedding with the crew and the couple on 7th June. The post wedding was held in 3 different places; Masjid Kristal, Pantai Tok Jembal and last place was Pantai Chendering. Seriously the scenery was great, really amazing. Rupanye bnyk lg tempat2 kt terengganu i haven't explore lg. Thnks to the couple for brought us to this lovely place. ;) Enjoy !

Last from me, semoga K.Fady & Abg Nuar berbahagia smpai ke akhir hayat. Terengganu, i'll be back again ! hee. :D

More Pictures at www.flickr.com/blissfulaniz
and B.E's blog will be updated soon.
Cheerss !


Friday, June 19, 2009

Wedding Reception : Nuar & Fadiah

I'm so excited when i get a chance to shoot my senior in school, Kak Fadiah for her wedding. I haven't go to tganu quite a long time since i left school in 2003. Well, excited of cos. Thnks to Abg Nuar and K.Fady for the warm welcome and kind hospitality. I had a great time there shooting with Afiq and Adi. Thnks guys for the help, and oh the road trip was fun too ! These are some shots during wedding reception and i'll post the post wedding later.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bijak Vs. Pandai ?

Ysterday i had a conversation with my 3rd sister, Alang. We're talking about general mindset, bisness, future planning, pasal kenapa kawen kene pakai baju formal and make up tebal2 (haha!) and ntah apa2 lg yg merepek but beneficial. hehe. We discussed about my current activity, past and future my planning for the next 6 months and targets for 1 yr. Wahaa sounds serious do we? haha, kami mmg suke berdiskusi seperti itu. Ok, back to the topic. In the middle of conversation,


Saya : Hm, i don't thnk i'm going to be as active as dulu in ***. It's pretty much costy for me. mileage lg, ticketing, bla bla. kadang2 bole la, ni if everyday pn u need to spend ave rm25/day. Gle bnyk kuar duit. I can't handle the ppl too.

Alang : Alang dh nmpk tu since mula i met them lg. Tp awk kate tak, diorang bagus pe sume.

Saya : Some of them mmg bagus. strong mindset. They built me to be like now, to hv strong vision. *** were good. Cuma some of them, err. Hm but i know it's my fault sbb i thought i can handle it.

Alang : To be great, awk kene pandai set ur priority.

Saya : yeah. Along ada baca dlm buku tu (It's Not About How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden). It says, don't look for the next opportunity, the one you have in hands is the opportunity. I've try my best to hold on and gv my best. Tp i need to thnk bout the problem occurs jgk. need to reduce the cost, and so on. Hmph.

Alang : Awak tahu tk apa beza org bijak ngan org pandai?

Saya : aAaa, tahu kot. apa dia?

Alang : Org bijak belaja dpd kesalahan org lain. Org pandai belaja dpd kesalahan sendiri. So awk nk jd apa?

Saya : Hm, dua2 perlu kot.

Alang : Awk kene blaja kesalahan dpd dua2 source. Tp kalau bole kene la jd org bijak.

Continue talking and gelak gelak .. :P

Kalau bole sume org nk jd org bijak. If you got chance to do so, do it. Rather you waste your time on doing the wrong thng. I mean bkn benda yg salah. Cuma maybe unbenificial thng. :P Honestly, i've spent half of my life in experiencing. Yep, konon jd org pandai. haha. I do this and that, then only i admit what and where i go wrong. It might be a loss for me. But, mungkin cara tu yg menyebabkan minda sy terbuka. Maybe? hehe. It depends on oneself. Every little mistakes told me something that i still hv chance to go right. So how about you? Smart or clever?

Aniz, tlg la jd smart and bijak ! GET UP and WORK IT ALL OUT ! :D

Words remain words without one step ahead .


Heart Sick .

This is how i felt when i found out my pictures in CF card is corrupted . Ergh !Shheeesshh !
%^&*^#$@#@ ! :((

AaaaAAaaaa ! *speechless*

Thursday, June 11, 2009

One Fine Day .

3AM and i'm still awake. With my tiring mind and exhausted body, i dont think i can continue the editing. Siap tersengguk2 dpn pc. aihh. I need longgg sleep, can i? Next week the new semester will start, and rasa mcm tk bersedia lg je utk start my new lesson, and to start doing my fyp. aAa FYP ! isk isk. I hope i can cope with it well. Really, i can't wait to finish my stdy ! Uhu. *luahan hati* :P

Ah anyway,

Here a picture from Terengganu. :) I haven't finish transferring and process all pictures yet. So look up for more pictures later. :)

. cause You & I both love .

Off to bed ~ Chow ! Good Night !


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tick Tock Tick Tock .

And i'm 23 yrs old !

Dear diary,
i supposed to write this entry on my birthday, 1st June. Tp tk smpat kerana too many thngs need to settle. So today, i'm proud to announce that i'm officially 23 yrs old ! hehe. What's so special about 23? Em, nothing much. It meant alot because masa umur mak sy 23 lah dia kahwin dan sy dilahirkan pada tahun berikutnya. hee, tibe2 je. *My mom specially emphasize about this when she called me to wish happy birthday* Motif? Lol, i don't knw. But yes, i have a lot of planning for this yr on my 23rd, and for the next yrs ahead. My career, personal life, car, house. Marriage? Err, tgu dulu la eh mama? hehe. It's a long journey to go, and yet, i know right now i am not daydreaming. Not anymore. I'll make it happen, i'll make it true. I know life is not perfect, always ups and downs. But i believe, life's kind. When you're down, it's a one step closer to your dream. Just never give in. I just pray to God, to bless me with the greater strength, and with a clearer heart for me to achieve my dream and better life. I'll try to fix my bad temper, my harsh words semasa berckp, and some other bad attitude in me. I know i swear a lot sometimes. Oh and my clumsiness too. ish ish. So, wish me luck ! ngee. :P

Special thanks to Mama and Ayah yang bnyk bersabar dgn kerenah anak pertama nya. haha.
Thank you to Angah, Alang and Adik for all the stupid-est, fun, and mcm2 moment bersama.
Thank you to Rafiq, for guiding me alot in photography. Thnk you sifu !

Thank you to Azfar, for being my driver. haha joke. but you help me alot. :) *TGI Friday next week ok ! hee.*
Thank you to Bee and K.ina for the funn moment together.
Thank you to Qase, sbb bnyk teman sy ketika sy down. *Ye, igt tk moment di tepi swimming pool? hehehe. ;P *
Thank you to Aizam, kerana kau bnyk ubah aku walaupun kau agak harsh. :P
Thanks to Fairuz, without your kindness, i don't knw where i gonna turn to. :)
And thank you to everyone, and all my other frnds.

I wish for the best. Regards.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Engagement : Hazly & Lin

To Abg Hazly and Kak Lin, semoga berbahagia ke akhir hayat. Regards from me. :)


Monday, June 1, 2009

Wedding Reception : Hazly & Lin

Taken on last Saturday. Located at Sg. Buloh. It was a long day, with Bee as a replacement photographer. We enjoy the day although there're some problems occur during the shooting. These are some of the shots. :)

more pictures at : www.flickr.com/photos/blissfulaniz

have a nice day everyone !