Friday, December 28, 2007

Jalan-Jalan di Singapore.

ah at last, ada pon masa terluang sket utk merehat-rehat kan minda. agak restless this week as final exm pn dh nak dekat.. preparation, um agak tk memuaskan and 6 days lg. darn ! i hope i could be well prepared before the final warr. itulah, last week berfoya-foya tk igt pasal exm langsung. now there u go. ngehh.. but anyway, last week i had so much fun at Singapore. dah dlm setahun jgk tk blk sane. so kebetulan musim cuti sekolah, my family planned to go holiday while melawat sedare2 kt sane.. we went there as mcm package, 4 days/4 nights, full with lots of activities. here some pictures and some of my shots to summarize our trip there. hihi. :D

Day 1, 22/12 :
  • Sentosa, the best part was : the Luge and scenery at night.
  • Vivo City, took picture smpai lebam ! :P


before riding the luge.

the colorful wall.

my family and makteh's family at Vivo city.

Day 2, 23/12 :

  • Picnic and BBQ at Marina Parade. (it was fun, but we couldn't overnight there due to heavy rain. too bad.)
  • at night, dinner at Mak's Place at Changi Rd.

Aqil di buli. hihi.

L-R : kngah, mama, ayah, wak sidek, auntie saimah, uncle, (tk igt nama, sorry~), auntie ein, pak teh, mak teh, aqil, adik, me and klang was the photographer.

enjoying the food.

Pak teh & Mak teh

me & adik

Day 3, 24/12 :

  • Lunch at Mak Lang's hse. (we had nasi beriyani and kari kepala ikan special from Pak Lang. hihi.)
  • Dinner at Auntie Ein's hse (Christmas Eve Dinner. great food !)
  • Christmas Eve at Orchard Rd, tp tk smpat smpai bcos it was damn heavy traffic. so instead of that, we headed to Esplanade.
  • Shopping at Mustaffa's at 2AM !
the food.
suasana di dining hall.

suasana di living room.
from pakteh's car. my dad's is the JGA 4.

at the Esplanade.

Day 4 , 25/12 :

  • Relax & easy, movie marathon. (in fact, we did it from the 1st day. ehehe.)
  • Enjoy lunch at Aqil's hse. (special from pak teh, bolognese and marinated chicken)

::. and special thanx to Pak teh & Mak teh for brought us jalan-jalan and makan-makan. tk lupa juga to Mak Lang & family and Auntie Ein & family for the great food. lain kali kita buat gathering lagi yah ! :) "Uniquely Singapore .." (pakteh's favourite word. hehehe.)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Butterfly and Light .

with smile .

Me with christmas tree that we decorated .

The Butterfly .

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ku Pasti .

Kadang aku tertanya, adakah ini akan berterusan..
Ku berbicara sama awan, adakah aku akan terus berseorangan,
Bila ku bersendirian, kau datang tanpa ku undang..
Kau hadir dalam fikiranku yg kosong..
Mau bagaimana lagi untuk ku lupakan semua kisah kita,
Sedang aku masih mengingati mu, masih merindui mu.
Aku tahu semuanya telah berakhir..

Jika mungkin ku tahu semua ini kan terjadi,
Tidak ku nodai cinta ku yg suci..

Mungkin ini telah ditakdirkan untuk ku,
Mungkin ini suratan yg harus ku terima..
Aku redha dengan semua dugaan Mu, Tuhan..
Ku tahu semua ini pasti ada kesudahan nya..
dan aku pasti Kau lebih mengetahui nya..
Aku harapkan kekuatan daripada-Mu,
dan ketabahan untuk ku teruskan perjalananku ini..
Demi tuhan, aku akan teruskan perjalanan ini,
Walau pahit, akan ku jalani..
Kerna itu adalah kekuatan ku.

Zawani Zakaria

Saturday, December 15, 2007

semak !

Quotes Of the Day :

" Strange as it seems, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and higher education positively fortifies it. "

Stephen Vizincze

Monday, December 10, 2007

Choc Indulgence ku !

i thought today's gonna be a very dull day, since hujan tk berhenti-henti dpd pagi td smpai skrang.. it was actly.. but secret recipe's cake did bright me day a bit. me, Izzat, Ammar and Faiz sanggup ponteng class and queueing for 1 hour just to buy cakes at Secret Recipe Alamanda. ngehehe.. so wuts so special about today's cake? Secret Recipe doing their great promotion today by buying 1 whole cake, u will get 1 more cake for free ! great isn't it? we bought 2 cakes. ngehh. semangat seyh.. so each get one whole cake. mine and Ammar's is Choc Indulgence. Izzat's, Blueberry Cheesecake and Faiz's, Cheeze Choc. and for my dinner tonite? ape lg, choc indulgence lah. good for my dieting. haha. :P

oh and it's so great to hang out with qase even though kjp, for 2 hrs.. :) it's been a long time since she's move to hostel dis sem. layan je lepak dpn swimming pool tgh2 hujan. ehe. we'd talk almost about everything. yep and she's my best roomies i ever had. and ever since she'd move to hostel dis sem, sgt jarang lepak2 dah.. but yeah, so glad to have a talk with u tonite. good luck for ur dis wednesday's midterm yah ! ;)

Friday, December 7, 2007

so long and goodnight .

it's so USELESS !


full of HATRED .

thousand of LIE .

and you just wasting my TIME !

and i just can't take it anymore. i've made the same mistakes over and over again. i just..... gave up with myself sometimes. i know i deserve more. so why am i made the same mistakes again? and why? i shouldn't gv u a chance to hold me, to love me at first. i should know u just playing around. oh god ! and the worst thing, i shouldn't believe u and gv another chance for u to work thngs out. and now it's too late. it's too late to turn around. silly me. but no matter what, i won't cry for a guy like u. it's hurt, yea it's pain. i kept it inside myself. someday u will feel the same heartburn that burning my soul now. i would never wish bad things but i don't wish you well. i won't let myself stuck under ur shadow and cry. and that's it, i'm over you.

Better Untouched .

Those days of love, those times you loved me
its warmth, still has not faded
I can’t say anything to you
No matter what the words might be
I simply can’t bear to tell you everything
On the nights I can’t be with you, even though I want to
I just lay in my room, hugging myself without sleeping
I still believe in love, so once more..
I will believe, and I won’t give up, because I have
Faith in my future .

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

makan-makan !

its thursday nite ! went out with hid td, mkn2 kt The Coast, then pegi Carefour and bought some groceries.. oh, dan juge jd part time alamanda tourist guide.. kesian kat hid, agaknye dh lame tk pegi Alamanda tu yek.. ngehehe.. :P at first, we walked around Alamanda, show her a few new shops yg baru bukak kt situ.. then after a few minutes wandered around, we headed to The Coast as we started to get hungry. at The Coast, we had cheese nachos as our starter. i ordered macho chicken and hid had her black pepper fried chicken as main course. we had so much fun, sgt kenyang dan gelak2 without having any worries bout tmrw midterm exm. we? oh not hid, just me ~ ah sgt bagus ! dan sekarang baru saye merasakan kerisauan utk exm esk.. but anyway, no regret. hehe.. tapi syg skali qase couldn't join us due her bad fever. tp tkpe, we'll make it another time. :)

Macho Chicken .

Us .

The Coast .

Thursday, November 29, 2007

International Fashion Show .

ngantuk ngantuk ! and sgt letihh ! been bz with the preparation for the fashion show smlm kt alamanda, the whole day ~ from 10am to 11pm.. preparations was from the beginning show till the mrs worlds late dinner and birthday party.. sgt la bnyk benda nak kene buat.. i was in charge of setting for the dinner.. then, i made choc brownies, sushi and ate lots of sushi last nite also.. hee.. overall, it was fun and so tiring.. then the most interesting part was we had a chance to communicate and see how's the mrs universe act in real.. they was just fun, and exhilarating. and so vain. haha, sah2 la kan..

brownies in making .

sushi .

me & apek yg sengal . :D

me in the changing room .

dan hari ni? ponteng the whole class. bagus btl.. next week i have another hectic week againnn. 2 midterms, 1 lab submission and discussion for the analog assgmnt.. dh laa kene buat FM radio receiver.. blerrgh ! another 2 weeks to go wey ! harap2 smpat siap kan.. and oh, can't wait for dis weekend.. ~ the end year birthday celebration.. hopingg and wonderingg wut am i gonna get for the presents dis year.. ngee..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

your actions speak much louder than words .

oh dumbhead, go get urself a life wouldn't u? talk about me and say that u envy me bla bla? poor little girl. thnx for all the craps btw. u just wasting ur time. i'm doing great here. so don't worry about me, and mind ur own bussiness. blergh !

Friday, November 23, 2007

grrr .

can't sleepp ! and end up eating chachoss. bagos btl ~ isk isk.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

easy baby .

should i say i'm still in love with u? naah, i should be more cruel dis time.. cruel?
ahaks, never be.. but well, can't deny u're still on my mind.. u are.. i still keep our picture on the board.. lame? let it be.. by now, i should know that in time things must change, things must grow.. loving u grew me up.. made me smile, made me laugh a lot and cry little.. i wish i could stay. but, i have to let u go.. u're just too good to be true.. and i'll be missing u definitely..
thanks for everythng baby.

you'll still be my favourite photographer .

ouh i miss my girlfriends alot ! lame nye tk lepak mcm dulu.. quite sad, but thank god i still have them when i need them the most. thanks a lot darls.. this week im totally pack with activities with lots of things to be done. aih ~ listless ! i miss my good old days where i can had my 8 hrs sleep. hehe. while halim and apek make me laugh alot minggu ni, i had an argument with nad last 3 days.. mcm2.. luckily it settled. since i've been bz with keje, dah jarang sgt lepak2 until td krol ajak me, joe, zam and faez mkn skali.. lame btl tk lepak with zam and joe. rasanye since last 2 sems.. huhu.. well, great to meet and lepak with them again.. gosh, i need to wake up as early as 6.15am tmrw. pagi, temankan atie pegi emegresen kajang, amik passport.. then got lab frm 2 till 5 and bdmnton training lps tu for dis weekend tournament.. wohoo.. mlm esk flat ~ am better off to bed now.
harap2 my arm and back strain would be better tmrw.. oh nite all.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

never forgotten .

Life once had a meaning,
and once i was safe,
feel secure and freedom,
once in feel fitted,
never knew it will so quickly died..

There's a burning inside me that won't go away..
i can't prevent this hurt from almost overtaking me..
crying inside, crawling the fear..
i know someday the sun will shine again ..
i won't frown nor cry ..
as i know the weakness inside,
will make me strong and smile..

Friday, June 29, 2007

1 AM .

When i smile, i smile because you smile ..
When i mad, i mad because i care ..
When i cry, i cry because you cry ..

Never lie when you never have the courage to do so ..
Never say die when you know there are always someone to love you so ..
And never why when loving him is the only reason ..

Y to my dearest friends .

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Beauty of Yoga .

I've been joining yoga for past 6 months and found out that it's a very interesting practice to do not just to keep fit but it's improve physical, mental and emotional health of a person.. i just in love with it ! well, let's share something about the beauty of Yoga.

The yoga poses (asanas), breathing technique (pranayama), and meditation come together to provide a large number of physiological and psychological changes :

Physiological Benefits of Yoga :

  • increases muscle flexibility and joint range of motion
  • increases muscular strength, endurance, and joint stability
  • improves posture, steadiness, coordination, and balance
  • decreases joint and back pain
  • increases immunityimproves sleep and increases energy levels
  • decreases heart rate and increase cardiovascular efficiency
  • decreases respiratory rate and improves respiratory efficiency
  • reduces high blood pressure
  • improves digestion and normalizes gastrointestinal function
  • improves flow of lymphatic system, thus helps in removal of toxins
  • normalizes endocrine (hormone) function
  • normalizes weight and body composition
  • increases bone density and decreases onset of osteoporosis
  • decreases blood sugar levels
  • decreases sodium decreases total cholesterol
  • increases HDL (good) cholesterol /decreases LDL and VLDL (bad) cholesterol
  • decreases triglycerides
  • increases grip strength
  • brings autonomic nervous system to stable equilibrium
  • increases Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)

Psychological Benefits of Yoga :

  • improves concentration and attention
  • decreases anxiety, internal stress and depression
  • improves mood and sense of well-being
  • increases self-acceptance and self-actualization
  • increases somatic and kinesthetic awareness (body/mind connection)

Let's start something new, way to better life babeh ~


Back To Back .

It's been a long time.. and im start to blogging again.. again? hehe.. :)