Sunday, March 29, 2009

Save the day . Let's have darker night . Earth Hour 2009 .

Ysterday Afiq invited me to join him shooting for the Earth Hour for his assignment job. I was excited as he said we gonna shoot from the roof top of Darby Park apartment. But because of some problem, we gotta find another better port to shoot the scenery of KL. At 4.45pm, me and Afiq wandered around looking for the best building utk kami jadikan shooting port. Dpd Bangsar, to BB, then to Jln Ampang, we kinda disappointed sbb masih tk dpt cari port yg best.

At 6pm Afiq decided to meet his friend, Wawa (she's a Utusan photographer) at KLCC, then we headed to Jln Ampang again. Luckily at last, we found better view at bangunan hostel next to Hospital Bersalin KL. It was great night. Even i was quite tired after staying up for about 48hrs before, i won't missed a chance to shoot with Afiq, the siifuuuu. hehe.

Thanks to Afiq for inviting me and belanja sy McD, and really nice to meet you, Wawa. Hope we can meet again ! :D

Here're before, during, and after Earth Hour .








A hearted thank you to >Mr. Afiq.

Let's save the earth ppl !


Thursday, March 26, 2009

When I Lost My Little Brain ..

Grateful. Yep, that's all i can say. Relieved. Happy. Hm semua la perasaan yg bagus2 tu.. :)
Last week, i felt like something is shadowing my mind. Something yg membuatkan aku rasa tk best, resah, and restless. I don't know what and why and i can't find the solution. It's like something unsettled.

But i feel relieved after talking to kak Ainor last night. I finally found out what's my problem. My real problem. A stupid problem. I'm thinking and concentrating too much of the thing i didn't want. How good is that? I am attracting bad things as much as i want the good things which result me zero progression. Duhh. Silly lily.

Honestly and surprisingly (for those who know me well, maybe it's not. ahaha), i rarely can/will think rasional when i hv emosional problem. Yeaaaa i know it's baddddd !

I just can't help it. Paling bagus, akan mengambil masa satu jam hingga dua jam utk kembali normal dan kembali rasional utk memikirkan penyelesaian masalah. Paling teruk, mengambil masa sebulan utk kembali ok dan hmm, agak terlambat utk menyelesaikan masalah. Teruk kan?

I'm trying my very best to improve. And i think, i am improving. ngee. :P Sometimes i need to seat alone, hear my playlist, menconteng2, menulis poem (kononnye) utk kembali rilex. Aizam kate, poyo je aku ni. lol. But well, that's me. We need to find a way to put away our stress. Cewah. Hehe.

Antara contengan-contengan membina diri sendiri. ahaha. aih lame nye sy. -_-'


Sunday, March 22, 2009

L I F E is wonderful .

I'm cleaning up some space in my HD and i found this :

That was during June 2008.
Rindunyee !! Sy mau ke Redang lg ! I mean i wanna go right now (na na na na) !
*Nyanyi lagu Akon while browsing. :P


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If Being Vain is A Sin .

Hbs la kau syafiq. haha. :P
Nah, this entry specially tribute to Mr Syafiq the supermodel wannabe.
jangan marah ok ! ha tu la sape suruh gune camera aku utk ber-vain. ;P

Enjoy ! ^-^

1st vain attempt :

2nd vain attempt :

3rd vain attempt :

4th vain attempt :

5th vain attempt :

Aww. This one mungkin bole dihantar ke model agency. what do u thnk? ngehehe. :P


Monday, March 16, 2009

Word of Wisdom .

I bet everybody have their own word of wisdom to hold to lift their spirit when they're down. So do i. If u do not hv one, thnk again, u might not hv good self motivation in urself. For me, self motivation gv me great guts to continue doing something in life without another's prodding. Self motivation gv us the power to move forward, and to success in whatever we do.

Today, i'd like to share with all, the words that i hold whenever i feel down, and when i nearly gving up on something. I never forget to bring up together my lovely diary whenever i go.

Anything you wish for,
everythng you dream of,
you will achieve,
as long as you believe cos nothing's impossible,
So just believe and holding on.

Destiny is not a matter of chance,
It's a matter of choice.
It's not a thing to be waited for,
It's a thing to be achieved.

Last week, i bought a book called The Yoga Of Wealth. The book is about way to create unlimiting wealth, the spiritual keys to creating it. Interesting kan? Yes, rich isn't promise us a succesful life. But wealth it is. It's very subjective. Here some of my favourite words in that book.

If you can control your thoughts,
you can change the way you perceive, which will change the way you act.
Over a long period of time, it will change your habits and behaviour,
which ends up changes your character, your life and your DESTINY.

So change the way we think, and you will change your destiny. :)


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dan Semalam .

I am part of the mistakes that i've done in the past. Gone through the darkest road, holding back and pretend everythng's ok. I was part of your favourite mistakes, and part of your dirty talk. Make fun of me, but trust me you won't get anythng. Time grow me old. Time taught me all.

Today i wake up with full of hatred blood. Full with negative thought.

Hanya satu dlm akalku,

Biar semalam ghaib dpd pemikiran.
Biarlah engkau hilang dpd pandangan.
Biar waktu mengubah segalanya.
Biarkan mereka tertanya-tanya.
Kerna aku sudah patah hatinya.
Sudah lumpuh jiwanya.
Kerna aku bkn hambaNya yg sempurna.
Dan hanya satu yang ku pinta,

Ampunkan hamba Mu yang hina ini.

Zawani Zakaria

I could not ask for more .. dan semalam meninggalkan satu titik noktah utk engkau. Utk selamanya.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Splashh-ed !

Yesterday on 7th, me and friends went to Sg Lentang, Pahang again ! This time i had extra joy sbb sy dpt bermain air dgn seronoknya ! lol. Well, the wheather was good, with fun ppl, i could not hv a reason to not enjoy the moment. Here's some pictures taken during the mandi-manda. Mostly not taken by me sbb sy pn nak ber-vain jgk. :P

the cute-est picture. haha. sume nk buat muka comell je. :P

Aizam, the next the Rock? (the red shirt) :P

Aizam, u just get caught ! u can't hide anythng cos my camera can capture everythng. haha. Tk perasan sape yg capture this picture. But look at Aizam's face. What thee..? :P

He didn't realize someone is stalking on him. :P

So, hv a nice weekend everyone ! Peace frm me. and yes, no WAR ! :)


Monday, March 2, 2009

The Day I Cried .

On the day i had my pride.
Yet, the real journey is just begin.
On 28th Feb, i'm glad that i've completed my task to be a 'C' post. Alhamdulillah, after 3 months struggling, fighting the emotion, and turndowns from some ppl, i'm proud that i am now one step forward to a new chapter. I gotta say it's not that easy to achieve it, but as long as you just do it without knowing the give up words, someday and one day you will achieve what you wanted. My secret is just one, keep believing it.

Positive vibration is another key. When i was still new dlm bln 11 last yr, Abg Nas hv told me about the positive vibration. He said to us, to keep moving, we must hv the positive vibrations in ourselves. That vibration will help us to overcome any obstacle that inteferes us. I thought it's just a joke. Positive vibration, what? I can't feel any. hehe. But after reading a book at MPH last January, called The Law Of Attraction, i've started to attract that vibration, and keep my believe that yes, i can do, i can achieve it. It helps me to move forward, and to keep me doing it without gving up. Thanks to all that supported me, especially to Kak Ainor, Aizam, Abg Nas, Hafiq and others.

My special thanks to my family, especially to my mom and my siblings. You guys gv me strength to keep moving. To mama, K.long takkan kecewakan mama. Terima kasih kerana percayakan K.long. Terima kasih kerana berdiri disebelah K.long. I will never gv up.

Terima Kasih utk semua.