Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When can i see you again ?

After all the silence, I shall say hello 2010 to my blog. I've been bz with stuffs and been stop writing since last December. Life seems too good and I forget about the thing I used to do almost everyday, blogging.

I come across to someone's status in fb today, he stated, "Kasih Sayang ni milik Allah.. kita hanya menjaganya, Yg menentukan Hanya Allah.. AllahuRahmanuRRAhim.. Allah Yang Membalik balikkan hati manusia."

and I paused. Hanya Tuhan yang mampu membuka dan menutup hati seseorang. Sometimes kita terlalu leka. We often think about where did we go wrong when something bad happen to a relationship. And worst, we blame others when it happens. and I unfortunately tak terlepas dpd berfikiran begitu. I often asked myself where am I go wrong when I don't get like how I wanted, what more I can do to have it, etc. Tapi tanpa kita sedar, without keizinan-Nya for that to happen, it won't happen even how hard we tried.


Our intention or niat. Mungkin jika memperbetulkan niat, Tuhan akan mengizinkan. Everything's start with good intentions; to do something, to love someone, to achieve your goals, just everything.

When I lose faith to something, I learn now that to always look back to my intentions. Why did I decide to this and that, why did I choose him, or love him and etc. And I believe, God hv a better plan for us. Life goes on. Maybe one day my time will come. I just need to hold strong.

It's just a matter of time I'm sure,
It takes time and I will hold on.

"Ya Allah, kau tabahkanlah hatiku, berikan aku kekuatan, dan iman yang teguh. Aku insan yang terlalu lemah, lindungilah aku daripada godaan syaitan. Kau Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang, murahkan rezeki ku, berkatilah segala nikmat dan kebahagiaan yang telah Kau kurniakan kpd ku. Kau Maha Mengetahui segala isi hati ku dan kepadaMu aku berserah. "

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Solemnization of K.ina & Samier .

Date : 22/11/2009
Location : Taman Warisan, Sepang


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Basic .

“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Lesson 2 : Believe that you can do it, eventhough it might look impossible at first.

Even a small thngs that you wish to do need that belief to accomplish it.

Well, i got some story, maybe it's just a stupid story. but i think i apply it well. :)

One day my dentist decided to remove my gigi geraham since it cause serious pain. and because of that, i need to get use myself to chew on the left side instead of right side, my usual path. It's seriously hard for me. At first, i thought i will never able to do it. Since i didn't believe that i can chew well when i change to left side, i keep chewing using right side. Bayangkan when you eat, it stucks, you can't even taste the thng you eat. You can't eat meat, and bread because it'll stuck between the hole when you chew it.

After 2 weeks, i decided just to hv a try to chew using left side. and i keep repeating to myself that i can and that oneday i will get use to it as if that's my usual path. And today, without i notice it, with that believe, i'm able to chew on the left side without any problem. hee. :D

And today, it's applied when i wanted to heal or motivate myself when i feeling down or stress. Without i believe that i'm gonna be alright, and everything's gonna be fine, i won't feel good even how hard i tried. Sure i need a supporter to support me, to listen to me when i'm down. But i still believe that myself is my greater supporter. She always remind me that i always can stand by my own feet. She always be my side. She's there all the time.



Monday, November 30, 2009

F uc K !

I am fucking annoyed with my current practical job !

who do you think you are?!!

sukati engkau je nk suruh buat blk invoice and quotation yg engkau salah bg?!

dh la gaji tk masuk2 lg. u gv shit of works. and we need to tanggung and buat blk the error that u did? fuck weh.

i try to calm myself, but i just can't. i just can't control my temper !

$%#$#^* !

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm Just A Singer .

You're the world.

Can i be your Bella Luna?


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fallin' .

I keep on f a l l i n g .

Lesson 1 : When you want something so bad, let it loose abit.
Don't hold on too tight.

You could find a way. someday.


Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Raining .

but i can turn your gray sky bluer .

and i can make your smile even brighter.

till the day when you will care.

till the day i will get you there.

you challange me for the better.
through the good, and the bad, the ups and the downs.
i will always be here.
to be your secret admirer.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Whenever You Call .

by Mariah Carey ft Brian McKnight

I won't ever be too
Far away to feel you
And I won't hesitate at all
Whenever you call
And I'll always remember
The part of you so tender
I'll be the one to catch your fall
Whenever you call.

You can turn to me and cry
Always understand that I
Give you all I have inside.

my favourite song. :)


The Special 5 Words .

Describe yourself in 5 words;

♥ thoughtful
♥ loving
♥ unpredictable
♥ compassionate
♥ creative

How about you? How you describe yourself in 5 words? :)

That 5 words might change your life when you know your strength, apply it at the right time and it is actually the powerful thoughts that can improve you to be a better man. :)


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Empty Space .

What i feel like saying for today,

Mind is like a sword.
Mind is like an enemy.
When there's too many mind,
it'll distract.


i need to focus.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a Heart note .

i just want you know that, everyday is a bright day when i can see you smile. I know it's kinda not at the right time, but i believe it's not wrong, and i believe it's source of my energy, the happiness and love. :)

Kita mungkin tk berapa berjaya lg skrng, tapi saya percaya, satu hari nnti we will. As long as we hold to that strong faith, trusting each other, without giving up we'll move forward and one day, we will be as successful as Robert Tikiyosaki or like Angelina Jolie the one i most admire. hee. :D We will be the role model to everyone, gv impacts to ppl. We will make a difference to everyone. As others might think our goal is crap, but i believe that my dream and your dream will come true. :)

"Today was once a future that you expected so much in the past."

I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, So we're really not that different, me and you. :)

p/s : i Heart you.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a Stupid notes .

Personally when a girl said,
"I was waited for your reply" or asked,
"Why didn't you call me last night?" to a guy;

They didn't expect a sorry note from the guy. They just want you to know that they're thinking about you. They just need perhaps 10% of your attention in 24 hrs time if not 100%. A woman didn't ask 100% concentration for them. Enough to show them some care, enough with simple conversation to give them comfort.

A simple, "how's your day today?" or
"how's your meeting just now?" is more than enough.

A little note, may looks stupid for you. But for a woman, is a huge quick relief when they received. It just brighten their days.

They don't ask you to pamper them.
They don't want your money.
They don't need your 24/7 attention.

They just need a little care.
They just want to be loved.
and most importantly,
They love you, and thinking about you all the time.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Running, running .

Be the one I need
Be the one I trust most
Don't stop inspiring me
Sometimes it's hard to keep on running
We work so much to keep it going
Don't make me want to give up

Running, running
As fast as we can(As fast as we can)
Do you think we'll make it? (Do you think we'll make it?)
We're running
Keep holding my hand
So we don't get separated

Running - No Doubt


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A little bit Unwell .

Can't you see? I am tired.

"Awak ni lari kepada sesuatu ke lari daripada sesuatu?"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dengan Tulus Ikhlas ..

Berhati-hati dijalan raya, ingat org tersayang. :)
Selamat Hari Raya !